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a shared journal to reminisce on memories grounded in locations.

Timeline: 5 weeks

Role: UX/UI design, User research

Team: Ryan Stephen, Gwenna Gram, Julia Kolde

Research Insights

Conversations and sketches by participants in different living environments gave us an opportunity for reimagining location sharing for more intimate spaces.



We figured that location sharing is primarily used with families and partners, where they share intagible and physical staus that are meaningful to them.



Security is a secondary use of traditional location sharing. Notifying families and partners is a way to tackle the issue 



Majority of people highley value the idea of privacy in the context of micro-locations, as well with personal sharing.


Illustrations below shown as a situational context, where an asynchronous couple communicate their experssions through a different type of medium. 


Interface Design

Four rounds of iteration resulted in a paged-journal metaphor that blends drawn context, text and image stickers.


Low fidelity wireframe


Early prototype


Journal and sticker experimentation


Later refinement 

Test Insights

Participant walkthroughs of an early prototype influenced changes to key moments in task flows.


“I feel like this concept makes it personal, raw, intimate... Definitely something I would use with either close friends or even family.”

Design Revision
‍Alter interface components in the content design in order to provide a more meaningful.


“I know where I am at now and feel comfortable like a physical journal entry. The collaging helps to bring that feeling into the app too.”

Design Revision

Transfer in-app scanning feature into a more textured drawing experience in order to mirror a physical illustration.


“I would really want to add a date to my page — I want to pin the location, and maybe see the weather that day?”

Design Revision
Encompass futher personalization with context, as designers how could we provide a more personalized touch for our users in order to allow their most cherised memories to be reminised through the journal.

Spaces - Movie

A movie imagined the prototype within one of many stories from research participants.

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